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The interactive map here above shows touristic spots in Ilheus.

Catedral-de-Sao-Sebastian01Geographic tips and navigation in Ilheus map

The Rodoviária (Bus Station) and the Airport are located close to the city center.

Most of interesting location are grouped and reachable by foot.

For each and every place with a marker you can click on it and access detailed information from Bahiamap.com or from relevant websites related to Ilheus.

About Ilheus - Bahia - Brazil

Ilheus is one of most beautiful little city of Bahia. It is the Capital of Cocoa Coast and the little Pincesse of Bahia. From the epic time where Cocoa was considered a vegetal gold Ilheus was at a cross road for merchants, politicians, writers, culture and entertainment.

History of Ilheus

lhéus was born in 1534 at the time of captaincy and followed its destiny of Bahian coastal cities, that of a port within a region based on the cultivation of sugar cane.

With the arrival of Aimores Indians, attacking plantations, Ilhéus suffered economic decline and became moribund.

Its star reborn in the eighteenth century when the importation of cocoa plants from the Amazon reveals the remarkable adaptation of Cocoa to climatic conditions of the region. Ilhéus becomes a new eldorado.

The cultivation of cocoa seizes Ilhéus and its world, creates a universe or drama, luxury and struggles for money, power, love and territorie later described by Jorge Amado in its famous novels. This epic will last until the twentieth century which sees the decline of the cocoa capital due to world prices decrease, climate change and Cocoa disease.

It is during this prosperous period, in 1881 exactly, that Ilheus is promoted to the rank of city.

However more than two centuries of wealth will develop a sigIlheusPhotoCity01nificant infrastructure and a remarkable urban colonial and post colonial architecture. Until the first part of the twentieth century Ilheus is known worldwide for its luxury and wealth and is a resort that attracts an international clientele. Wealthy families are please to use French language, import grand pianos from Europe and diligently embrace the mores of the high society of Europe and Rio the brazilian capital of that time.

The economic downturn that will follow will freeze Ilheus as it did to Salvador de Bahia, preserving its architectural heritage. Ilheus region got an additional asset unsuspected at the time; the Atlantic forest much less destroyed, compared to the one in the rest of the state of Bahia because used as a cradle for Cocoa small trees. Indeed Cocoa requires protection of large trees to retain moisture and protect them against the sun.

Today these two resources; architecture and unspoilt environment gives its winning cards for tourism development without talking about the development of its urban infrastructure and roads and the beaches of Bahia.

Ilhéus with its airport is a key point to reach destination resorts with high demand like Itacare, Barra Grande, Camamu, Canavieiras and Island Comandatuba or eco-destinations such as Una or The Enchanted Lagoon to name only some.

Ilhéus has now started its economic reconstruction as well in industry and services (particularly IT) and has the third highest GDP per capita, among the six largest cities in Bahia.

Arts and Literature

Famous brazilian writer Jorge Amado was born in Ilheus.

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